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Welcome to the Auraria Campus Bookstore Online Adoption Tool.

This website is only a tool that can be used to place orders. We also gladly accept order via, fax, phone, campus mail or e-mail. All the office contact information and lots of other useful information can be found under the faculty section of the website. To start the process you must register with the website using a valid e-mail address. Automatic order confirmations will be sent to the address used.

The bookstore has a strict privacy policy about the use of information gathered by the site. The formal privacy policy can be found at the very bottom of the website. Basically, we will not use the information given on the site for any use other than the book order process and we do not share your information with any outside entities.

If you encounter difficulties using the site feel free to contact Renee Wilson at 303-556-3751 or

Current Ordering Terms is:Fall 2014 (144) and Spring 2015 (152)

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