Textbooks Now Shelved by Author
Textbooks are no longer shelved in institution-specific areas by class; rather, they are organized and shelved alphabetically by author on the lower level. Instead of using class schedules to shop for textbooks, you will need a book list.

Customer Benefits
  • More Clarity - Organizing books alphabetically is clear and easy to understand.
  • Better Availability - All books for an author will be in the same place. Students will no longer be frustrated with empty shelves in their institution-specific section, while the book they need is in stock in a different class or institution section.
  • Ease of Searching - Students can pull up a syllabus on their cell phone and be quickly assisted without having all class information. Also, the quick book list feature in the MSU Denver and CU Denver portals will be in author order.
  • More Accuracy - Buying the wrong books, because of multiple section numbers, will no longer be an issue.
  • Better Customer Service - Customer service will improve, with staff being able to quickly locate books.
  • Less Congestion - It will save space, meaning students can more easily move through the textbook section without being frustrated by overly congested aisles.